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Dixie Belle is the perfect chalk paint for furniture, cabinets and DIY projects.  The chalk paint is specially formulated to adhere flawlessly to various surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, brick, stone, glass, concrete and more. 

Dixie Belle paint is self-leveling so it gives you a smooth finish.  There is minimal prep needed to use this paint.  Of course, you can always sand any surface you wish to paint but it is not necessary as long as you clean your surface thoroughly and follow with a top coat or the proper cure time.  It is really that easy.

Dixie Belle has a huge variety of paint colors and paint accessories........You can become your very own "furniture Picasso" or the DaVinci of whatever your heart desires.  

Come by Dance Biz Etc. on Common St. and let us help you find your perfect color. 



French Linen

Chalk Paint
4oz - 32 oz       $9.95 - $35.95

White Lightning 8oz     $6.95
Scrubby Soap               $7.00
Bath & Body Scrubby   $9.00

Problem Solvers
Slick Stick
8oz           $15.95
16oz         $23.95
32oz         $40.95
8oz           $14.95
16oz         $22.95
32oz         $39.95

No Pain Gel Stain    
16oz        $33.95
VooDoo Gel Stain
8oz          $19.95

Brushes (Natural)
French Tip Brush     $10.95
Belle Brush              $28.95
Best Dang Brush     $25.95
LaPetite Brush        $24.95
Big Daddy Brush    $19.95
Chip Brush              $1.50
Premium Chip         $6.50

Top Coats
Gator Hide
8oz       $18.95
16oz     $32.95
32oz     $49.95
Clear Coat
8oz       $14.95
16oz     $22.95
32oz     $34.95

Best Dang Wax
4oz      $13.95
10oz    $25.95
Easy Peasy Spray Wax
8oz      $20.95
Gilding/Chameleon Wax
50ml    $15.95

Howdy-Do-Hemp Oil
8oz      $15.95

Big Mama's Butta
4oz      $17.95
10oz    $29.95

Dixie Dirt
4oz      $8.95

Dixie Belle Mud
8oz      $11.95
Mud Spatula    $1.50


Brushes (Synthetic)
Artist Brush      $21.95
Round Small     $23.95
Round Large     $29.95
Oval Small        $38.50
Oval Medium    $41.95
Flat Small          $21.95
Flat Medium     $25.95
Mini Brush        $30.95
Mini Angle        $30.95
Scarlet Brush    $21.95

Graining Tool    $14.95
Fine Mist Spray bottle $12.95
Blue Sponge     $3.00
Applicator Pad $5.95
Finishing Pad   $3.50

8oz                  $14.95

4oz                  $11.95
8oz                  $19.95


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